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Apex Health and Wellness was established as a nonprofit corporation with the intent to take an active role in getting our underprivileged youth to college through sports.  


What We Do

Physical Fitness

We take physical fitness very serious!  It keeps the mind body and mental healthy but it also keeps the student athlete ready all year round for their sport(s).

College Readiness

College Recruitment and College visits are our key in the college readiness process.  We also offer SAT/ACT readiness, general tutoring, scholarship preparation, and we help our students through the process of getting ready to apply and get into college.
We also help parents through the FAFSA process 


General studies tutoring is offered all year round. Good grades is mandatory in order to participate in our programs. 

Financial Literacy

Understaning finanacs and making good money decisions is important.  We hold in person and online classes on financial literacy quarterly. 

Mental Health

Mental Health in our youth is rising and we recognize that and take it very seriously.  We have a counselor available upon request and we offer safe outlets.  We strongly believe that the structure we create in sports and the positive outlook in a future can help the mental health crisis in our youth

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